Q-Active Sit-Stand Desk

A workplace with a sit-stand desk is versatile and easily adapts to different working styles and changing tasks. Sit-stand desks allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing and not stay in one position or the other for too long, meaning they can find the most comfortable and ergonomic working position. Standing can increase alertness and energy levels, which can help improve productivity.

The structure of the Q-ACTIVE desk was developed in such a way that the desk can be assembled as quickly as possible, allowing you to set up your office workplaces in the shortest possible time. Quick assembly is the desk’s main advantage, saving time and resources, which is a big plus when implementing large projects. The assembly includes unpacking the parts, assembling the frame, fixing the desktop, managing the cables, attaching the button and turning the desk on for use.

The Q-ACTIVE desk has everything that users need to achieve their desired level of comfort. The height of the desk can be adjusted with the button of your choice – with a screen or up/down version. You can choose the most comfortable desk height for you and save your two preferred positions. The sit-stand desk with 3-level columns has a height range of 617 mm to 1267 mm. And the sensor in its legs reacts to obstacles by stopping the desk automatically. The anti-collision feature minimises the potential damage that would occur if the desk collided with a solid object, giving you peace of mind in your workplace.

Q-ACTIVE’s range of desktop sizes (1000/1200/1400/1600/1800/2000 mm) and colours, as well as its telescopic frame that fits all desktops, will allow you to create desks with the design you want that are easily adaptable to different office spaces. Smaller desks are ideal for small, individual or short-term workplaces. Larger desks are a convenient solution for spacious workplaces where the nature of work requires several large monitors and office supplies to fit comfortably on the desk. Q-ACTIVE is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be successfully customised to suit both new and existing office interiors. The new desk has the same style and pairs well with the other NARBUTAS sit-stand desks – ACTIVE and B-ACTIVE.

Warranty: 10 years.

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