COMBUS system

COMBUS is a modular shelving system that not only serves the function of a traditional shelf, but is also a good solution for shaping and dividing spaces. It consists of different types of shelving, which are designed to be placed in an open space, against a wall or on top of cabinets. The COMBUS collection has all the key features required to become an essential part of the modern office, where different types of spaces are intertwined – it is functional, has an easily adaptable design and is environmentally friendly.

You can use the COMBUS shelving system for the convenient storage of many items. Choose from closed or open shelving, with boxes and drawers. Use a book-end as an additional accessory for orderly storage of books. With the planter boxes, you can easily add plants to create a biophilic office environment. Including plants in the office not only adds a nice touch – green spaces lift our mood and reduce stress levels, which is particularly important in a working environment.

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Warranty: 10 years.

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