ZooZoo pouff

Imagine you’re sitting in your office lounge area on a cozy sofa with a coffee table in front of you. You’re talking about projects with your team, showing color swatches when you need to write something down. You lean over the table and stay in this posture for a moment. It isn’t very comfortable, right?
Regular coffee tables are not convenient when used in meeting settings due to their low height. Nevertheless, informal work meetings and discussions often happen in lounge areas. This poses a problem, which an interior designer Annie Lee decided to solve by designing an atypical 27.2” height coffee table.
Thanks to its multifunction, ZooZoo saves space by providing a surface, a seat, and a storage compartment in one unit. The table houses the stools underneath the desktop, and the stools have a niche that incorporates your personal belongings.

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Warranty: 10 years.

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