Round Desk

Office workplace layout constantly changes and evolves into solutions that enable employees to adapt their workplaces to their individual needs. A perfect workplace environment ensures a simple way of adding new workplaces, a large number of workplace planning options, and a desired level of privacy.

We are introducing our new desks system ROUND which promises a win-win situation in organising workplaces in large open-space offices. ROUND desk system allows you to effectively use the office space and to easily create comfortable workplaces that can be either open or which can offer greater privacy to fit your team's needs. This system offers everything you need to create efficiently designed workplaces that boost employee productivity and help them succeed in pursuing their goals.

  • Inspired by organic rounded shapes.
  • From single desk to bench desks for collaborative tasks.
  • Sustainable acoustic desk screens.
  • Efficient workplace planning.
  • Modular cabinet system.
  • Assignment of workspace.
  • Power management solutions with wide range of applications.
  • Human-centred approach.

Warranty: 10 years.

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