On the road bench

RS Barcelona
The On the road bench isn’t interested in anything showy or superfluous. It presents itself just as it is: a natural, unassuming bench, inspired by a long motorcycle trip on Route 66.

Perhaps that’s why it prefers you to move it around and put it anywhere rather than treating it as a static, fixed piece of furniture. It shuns monotony and moves with you to wherever you need it. Put it in your entrance hall, ready to greet you and help you take your shoes off and unwind for a while when you get home at the end of a stressful day.

Put it at the foot of your bed. In the middle of your dressing room. In the reception area of the hotel, for the comfort of guests as they come and go. Or in the office, for informal meetings or for resting in the downtime area. You won’t be able to resist sitting down on its soft cushion and letting your mind be pulled towards the changing horizon of the trip that inspired it or to your own landscapes.

The two straps that stretch from the feet to keep the cushion in place give it a special touch without altering its simple character.

Its design and look say it all: simplicity, comfort and a friendly, unassuming personality. It doesn’t want to be the centre of attention but it doesn’t hide away either.

Structure: Cross-ply beech plywood.

Legs: Solid beech wood.

Upholstery: Uniform Mélange by Kvadrat (68% wool, 22% polyamide and 10% polyester).

Strap: 100% polyester.

Stuffing: Mixture of acrylic and natural fibres.

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